February Favorites!





February Favorites!

I thought it would be fun to share a round up of things I loved last month! So, here goes nothing!


Hey It’s The Luskos Podcast – I started at the beginning and have really enjoyed every episode. This is one that will probably make you laugh and maybe cry in the same episode. But there’s so much wisdom packed in there as they talk about walking through grief and heartbreak and life in general.

Walk In Love Podcast – I’ve been listening to them for a long time and love every single episode. They share tons about parenting, family life, marriage/relationship, and faith. It’s so good. They inspired us to start honoring Sabbath and start Family Dinners and both have been life changing for our family.

Pretty much every song by Jessie Early. Birds and Body Can’t Hold are definitely high on the list. Also, A Day With June In July… but just a fair warning, if you’re a parent it’ll give you all the feels. I still cry almost every time I listen to it. I literally listen through every single song almost daily.

NEEDTOBREATHE – Entire Out Of Body Album. Every dang song. Plus their song Lets Stay Home Tonight


Everything on Magnolia Network on Discovery Plus. Like Literally everything. But probably my top favorites are Growing Floret, Homegrown, and obviously Fixer Upper. Basically I’ve taken a deep dive into planning a cut flower garden and a vegetable garden in our little back (and front) yard. haha! We’re like 2+ years out from even being in that position but I love dreaming about the possibilities.


The Church Planting Wife by Christine Hoover. It’s obviously written to wives who are church planting with their husband – very specific target audience. It’s been such a good read so far as I prepare my heart and mind for planting in Marion.

Rhythms of Renewal Journal & Planner by Rebekah Lyons has been such a blessing. We set an intention to build better/healthier rhythms of rest this year and this has been so helpful. I need to read the book soon and I saw she’s got a podcast, too that I might start listening to this month!

We’re reading through 1 Peter with our Lifegroup and it has been so great. We’re using a study method that’s new to me called the “Interpretive Journey”. It’s be very helpful in diving deeper into the meaning of the text.


This Oven Roasted Chicken from Oh Sweet Basil is AMAZING. And actually really easy. I made it with roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and broccoli and it was so so good. And I just shredded up all of the leftovers for future meals!

Homemade Popsicles. We ventured into this because Theo is obsessed with popsicles. It all started when I was pregnant with Liam and could only stomach popsicles lol He literally asks for one every morning right after breakfast. So I decided that 1. I didn’t want to keep buying the outshine ones and 2. I wanted them to be pretty healthy. So we started making our own! Basically, we just make a smoothie and pour it into these molds. Our favorite flavor so far was Banana Strawberry Blueberry! Liam loves them, too so I ended up buying these mini popsicle molds for him. They’ve been a big help with teething!


Paul got me some fancy new appliqué scissors and some other goodies from Joanns for our anniversary so I finally started on a Nursing Bra that actually fits. It’s been a long long time coming. It’s not quite done but it already fits better than any other store-bought one I own! Here’s the pattern if you’re looking for a bra pattern that is good for larger cups!


Wooden train tracks are a family favorite over here. We play with them every day. We’ve expanded our set a lot but this is the set we started with!

We finally made some rainbow rice (I followed this tutorial) and while it never stays in the bin and I find it all over the place, it has provided many hours of fun! We picked up a wood puzzle at Dollar Tree and Theo loves burying all of the pieces in the rice and then digging to find them and put the puzzle together! And of course he loves driving his construction trucks through it.

Kinetic Sand (Inside a big bin!!!) is also a favorite. Theo likes to have his dinosaurs make footprints in the sand and we also use a bunch of our play dough tools in it to stamp shapes into it.

Love You More Shirts. We got these for the boys for valentines day and I love them so much! Fully embraced the matching shirts this month. I would recommend sizing up because they do shrink a bit in the wash.

Random Things

Gigi Lennon Lightroom Presets by @andiandreastudio I love these. I’ve bought some crazy expensive presets in the past and these are actually very affordable and they’re the best ones I have. Includes a good variety for different types of photos/setting which I really appreciate! And I mean…. look how good that is!! I’m really thankful for these, especially because Covid made it so we couldn’t get newborn photos taken by a professional.

Preset Used: Berkeley
Preset Used: Page Six

USB Flash Drive for my iPhone. (It also works for Androids). This thing is a game changer and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it. I’m constantly out of room because I take lots of photos and videos of the boys and I’m almost out of room on google photos. So, I’ll admit, I definitely need the take the time to do a major photo clean out. BUT! Since I don’t know when I’ll get around to it, this was exactly what I needed.

If you made it this far, props to you. Thank you! I hope you enjoy some of these things I shared!

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