Week 4 | Spring 2021 ORC | Paint





Week 4 | Spring 2021 ORC | Paint

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I can’t believe how quickly the past month has flown by! This week was a fun one because I got to focus on paint! When I look at my Pinterest board for the boys room, it’s pretty clear I gravitate towards greens and blues.

I picked up 5 paint samples at Menards, all of the colors are from the brand Pittsburgh Paints!

The colors on the wall starting from the top left are English Ivy, Rustling Leaves, Shebang, All About Olive, and Dwarf Spruce. I really loved them all so it was just a matter of figuring out what was best for this room.

I got a cute dinosaur duvet set from Target and a rich golden yellow canopy for over the bunk bed so I wanted to make sure whatever color I picked would coordinate well with those. Honestly, I felt like each color could

My all time favorite color is olive green — in my opinion it’s a neutral. But I’m using that on our kitchen cabinets, probably in our bedroom, annnnnd we’re painting our whole house Olive green. I’m trying really hard to switch it up a little bit and go with a different color for their room so that ruled out Rustling Leaves and All About Olive.

Between the other three, English Ivy just felt right. Depending on the lighting it shifts from reading more green to more blue and I love that about it! And I love the richness of the color — I think it makes the room feel so cozy and calming.

I’ll definitely be using Shebang in another room (I think the boys playroom)! That one was a close second for their room.

In this next week, my goal is to get all of the trim up, caulked, and painted. And then get to work on their closet wall! I’ve got to get the wood treatment up where the built ins will go and then start getting shelves up and I might try to tackle building some drawers to hang in their closet! I’ll definitely keep you all posted on Instagram throughout the week!

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