Week 5 & 6 | Spring 2021 ORC | Trim, Built Ins, and Closet Plans





Week 5 & 6 | Spring 2021 ORC | Trim, Built Ins, and Closet Plans

Hey guys! Happy week 6 of One Room Challenge! I was having some trouble with my blog the past couple weeks so I’m playing catch up with the updates! I finally got week 4 up and over there I’ve got all of the paint info for you. The past two weeks have felt pretty slow in the boys room because getting all of the trim ready for use has taken a lot of time. But I’m happy to report all of the trim work is stripped and installed!

It took 4 rounds of stripping paint and poly off all of the old trim and baseboards. It wasn’t exactly fun, but it was definitely worth it! Especially with how expensive wood is these days. I need to calculate what this trim work would have cost us if we had bought all new. I’m sure it would have cost a small fortune. Now that it’s finally installed, I need to patch nail holes and caulk. Then it’ll be ready for painting! I’m really looking forward to having that step complete.

I also worked on the built in shelves next to their closet. I installed the same wood treatment on the back wall of the nook all the way to the ceiling and painted it to match the rest of the room. Then I evenly spaced 5 shelves that I made out of pine. I stained the pine in Early American from Minwax — I really like how they pop against the green paint! I’ve still got a bit of touch up paint to do in there but that will wait until I’m touching up the whole room!

In this next week, my goal is to get everything painted and then tackle the closet. Here’s a look at what we plan on doing in the closet! I’m not sure we’ll be able to get the drawers finished by the end of ORC since we’re also still working on the floors in the rest of the house. There are only so many hours in the day! But, we’ll see!!

Thanks again for following along this journey! Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing projects in progress over on the One Room Challenge Blog!

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